Red Bull Stitched *Logo Design and Branding

Red Bull Stitched



Red Bull Stitched is a abaya design competition and event


A creative competition gathering females designers in Saudi Arabia to create the official outfit for the Wings Team. Abayas, the mandated outdoor outfit in KSA for all females wasn’t very exciting and lacked any branding. So, Red Bull came up with this competition. Designers would submit their abayas and a vote would select the winner. They wanted us to develop the Communication including the event logo, collaterals and a Direct Mailer.


Our approach

We knew that this would be a colourful project. Since abayas had to be black and very limited in their overall shape, it was going to be about the embroidery. Saudis use embroidery to add colours, jewellery and images to their otherwise plain abayas. So we basically created an “embroidered” poster. from the headline to the smallest copy, we stitched everything. We fleshed out the concept onto the collaterals, with the stitch-it-yourself coaster and flyer.


The DIY Coasters were shortlisted in Design at Dubai Lynx Awards 2014


(Project for JWT)