ADCO *Logo and Identity Design





ADCO Alesayi KSA real estate development company corporate identity


The real estate company wanted to rebrand and develop a brand architecture plan for the companies falling under the mother brand. Because they were a local company they had deep roots in the Arab world and their logos should reflect that.


Our approach


Combining the geometric lines in Arabesque with solid colors we created geometric shapes inside the icons, similar to a bird’s eye view of maps. So, by varying the lines and altering the colors we were able to create different icons for the sub-brands. Each icon had a colour theme to it based on a base colour of blue-grey, brown, olive-green and mustard-yellow. Earth tones gave the logos a more corporate look and feel. The style breaks out from the constraints of the square when applied to collaterals. We chose a geometric font for the initials and matched the thickness of the lines in the icon.



ADCO Alesayi