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Nesma Chocolate



Nesma Chocolate Saudi Arabia Logo Design and Rebranding


Nesma Chocolate wanted to relaunch their stores and needed a facelift of their logo Design and a rebranding. Their current logo felt outdated and they wanted a modern approach. In Saudi Arabia, the gift of chocolate is a common practice on all occasions. And stores usually display lavish trays full of chocolates as gift packs. Nesma’s identity needed to be festive and adapt to any occasion.


Our approach


Starting with the Nesma Chocolate logo, we redesigned it from scratch to ensure a very modern feel. The logo had simple thin lines and when developing the identity, these lines extended to form different ornaments, roses, tulips, natural bouquet or fireworks. So, each ornament matched an occasion, like mother’s day, a newborn, anniversaries and religious holidays. Having the logo embedded¬†at the centre of the ornaments meant you did not need anything else to design the packaging, because it became the graphic theme in itself. And the applications ranged from gift boxes to the store branding.



Nesma Chocolate