Animated gif of logo designed for Articulate Baboon, a street art gallery based in Cairo Egypt

Articulate Baboon *Logo Design and Branding


Articulate Baboon



Logo design and branding for Articulate Baboon, a street art gallery in Cairo


Articulate Baboon was launching a new concept gallery in Cairo. It would focus mainly on Street Art.

Most importantly, they wanted their identity to reflect the street art scene itself.


Our approach


We wanted to create a logo inspired by street art, a mark the gallery would leave on the Cairo art scene and on the streets. Since baboons were very graphic animals, specifically their faces, they inspired our logo. Using simple lines to illustrate the face, it became a space to enable creativity. Like in colouring books, simple lines you could fill with virtually anything. The result was an identity that would empower anyone to create. We designed the business cards, being a physical portable medium, to be actual stencils. Anyone who visited the gallery and was inspired by all the Street Art, would then, go out and start creating.