Aroma Studios *Logo re-design and Identity


Aroma Studios



Re-branding work for Aroma Studios in Cairo


Aroma Studios, a major production company in Cairo, wanted to refresh their brand identity. They did not want to alter their logo too much, but to develop their colour templates and stationery. Therefore, we worked on a facelift.


Our approach


We opted to drop their icon and focus on the logotype. To stand out we wanted to play with the typography to make it their own. A simple solution was to create a one side slab serifs instead of the classic two sides. This change created a playful exercise in balancing the logo. which worked well. Next, we chose a bright Orange instead of the original black, to make the brand more approachable and future-ready. Stationary development was simple and corporate, with one slit corner on their business cards and letterheads, to complement the asymmetry in the logo.



Aroma Studios