AKANAR *Logo and Identity Design




Branding and identity for Akanar Partners, an asset management company in Cairo, Egypt


Akanar is a young company launching in the Egyptian market. They wanted to make an impact on the finance sector. Therefore, a fresh graphic identity that reflects their roots would project a modern look and feel. The name “Akanar” from ancient Egyptian, is one of the biggest stars in the night sky.


Our approach


We used simple lines to spell out the letters in the logo. We used the vertical lines from the two A’s to form the letter N with just one slanted line. The roundedness of the letters gave it a futuristic look, and the blue colour symbolized prosperity in the finance sector and the colour of the Nile river. We designed the star using arabesque geometric forms. Since this icon represented the guide to prosperity, the shape became the base of their corporate identity. We implemented on stationary,  business cards, letterheads, envelopes. We also created custom geometric typography for their greeting card messages, and these were then sent out during the holidays.