Cocal Cola with Nancy Ajram *Print Ads


Coca-Cola Retro Campaign



Coca-Cola Retro Campaign Posters with Nancy Ajram


During her partnership with coca-cola, we created this poster campaign for Nancy Ajram, an Arab pop star. Coca-cola had already produced a couple of thematic campaigns with the popstar featuring her hit songs. So, they wanted a simpler approach to this next campaign.


Our approach


There is something very simplistic about old Coke advertising in conveying a simple message, “Drink Coca-cola”. Inspired by vintage Coca-cola posters from the 50s, we wanted to produce a series of candy-coloured posters featuring Nancy and a Coke. So, we identified a number of vintage Coke posters and replicated the same postures and colours in our print campaign. The campaign ran as posters, on outdoors and Point-of-sale.



Coca-Cola Egypt