A new job begins with the signing of a contract. The signature confirms the commitment between two parties and is also the beginning and end of that commitment.

A signature represents a partnership.

An employer-employee partnership, as well as an A & P partnership.
The signature is very personal and unique.


Andrew Paulsen are experts in finding top IT specialists and IT positions based in Prague.

The graphic motif can be used on its own or as a representation of a shape, but with original content.
The shape must be preserved enough to be recognisable.

It may have different shades of blue, pen/pencil/brush strokes, different graphic styles, lines, etc.,

It should stimulate originality, personality and uniqueness of signature.

The digital world of Andrew Paulsen has been created through original hand-drawn illustrations that bring a sense of personality and individuality,

They contribute to the brand’s overall visual identity and support continuity across every platform.

Individual images bring life, energy and emotions to AP offerings, which is IT Recruitment, by depicting candidates, performing IT tasks in different environments.

This is adding a more human and relatable touch as human figures make ideas active and accessible, often in a light-hearted or whimsical way.

Playful, brightly coloured illustrations follow a limited palette in line with the new brand identity.

The balance of a relaxed take on the human form, with a casual yet visually dynamic style, reflects the brand persona and its clients.

Illustrations by Jozef Glaba