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Branding and Identity redesign for the Tatra Guides in Slovakia


The Association of Mountain Guides in the High Tatras asked us to refresh their identity. They already had an official logo and they could not change anything about it, but they still wanted to stand out with their communication


Our approach


Mainly, we focused on developing their template, as they had a lot of communication material, daily updates, events, bulletin boards and posters. We needed a grid that would be flexible enough to accommodate copy-heavy communication, tables and schedules while standing out and keeping a unified look and feel. We created a 45-degree grid template based on the Tatra Mountain range, the imposing mountains were iconic and unique. By stylizing them into simple triangles, we were able to create a template using “the range”. One of the mountains stands out in the range and that is Mount Gerlach. Its unique “cirque” can be seen from anywhere, so we iconized it and placed at the centre of our template.


Tatra Guides