Sraz Youngtimerů *Logo Design and Branding

Sraz Youngtimerů



Logo and branding for the Young Timers gathering event


Sraz Youngtimerů is a yearly event gathering of classic car collectors from around Czechia, the youngtimers. Each year owners of vintage cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s reunite for this event. The happening was getting bigger every year, and they wanted a logo and branding, to use at the event and on the website and merchandise.


Our approach


Each car from this era had an iconic look, especially the “Grille”.  These were recognizable even when presented in the most basic form. The idea was to design a logo using the cars grilles. We would stack them over each other to form our logo. And since collectors were very passionate about their own cars, the logo would have to adapt to their collection or preference if they were going to proudly display it. The”stackable” logo would then vary in size and car types. It would be flexible enough to adapt to any car collection or any event size.



Sraz Youngtimerů