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Saudi Banks



A campaign by Saudi Banks to raise awareness around Anti-Fraud


Every year, the Group of Saudi banks join forces to raise awareness about the fraudulent attacks on customers and their bank accounts. But they were facing a problem, Saudis still did not think fraud could affect them personally. So, they wanted a different approach from the usual straightforward awareness campaign.


Our approach


Since fraudsters impersonate bank officials to extract information from customers, we thought of using puppets for the new campaign. Our campaign would disrupt the usual “lifestyle” approach, or the educational one, to generate some buzz and get people talking. Along with our client, we identified the most common fraud tricks to communicate. Fake money transfers, email fraud, fake job offers and Forex fraud. The puppets were produced in Prague by Czech Marionettes and shipped to Beirut for the photo shoot. As for our TVC, we used real actors with make-up and built a whole set for the film. The campaign resulted in many more people inquiring about fraud with their banks.


(Project for JWT)



Saudi Banks