Qtel*Corporate Campaign




Qtel (now Ooredoo) TVC for the pre-paid package with post-paid benefits


Qtel wanted to communicate a unique package that featured benefits from both prepaid and postpaid packages. Prepaid packages are more accessible as they do not require any commitments or contracts. But they also did not offer the benefits and rates of Postpaid packages. Qtel had come up with a compromise package that married the two.


Our approach:


In the Arab world, people go out of their way to make sure they have the comfort they need in any situation. Even if it means installing air conditioning units at the beach (a real thing), taking fully retractable sofas to their desert trips, or the rise of casual dining that brought the comfort of fast food to upscale dining (like gourmet burgers). We collected these insights and they became our TVC. the top shot from a camera traveling across these vignettes, ends in a living room split in two to fit each family member’s preference.


(Campaign for BBDO)