National Bonds *Corporate Campaign

National Bonds



Campaign for National Bonds targeting women in the UAE


National bond wanted to increase their female customer base. Women in the UAE did not have control over their finances as it rested with their (male) guardians. National bond is a national saving scheme in the UAE that requires no bank account. So it was an ideal solution for women to finally take control of their future.


Our approach


We wanted to communicate to women that they can finally control their savings to spend them on things that matter most to them. Like contributing to family spending, helping with their children’s tuition, buying a new car or precious gifts for themselves (instead of a gift from their husbands) and so on. This feeling of freedom was attractive to them.

Their future would be in their hands, so we communicated that. Literally. Using Henna, The dye used as body art in Orient, we pained their aspirations on their own hands: An image of their family, a ring, or their child graduating. For the film,  we used post-production to animate the Henna drawings on the hands.



National Bonds